Supplements and herbs have become a multi-billion dollar business in this country.  With that kind of financial potential, there has been a wildfire in the industry of companies who have low quality control, no in house or 3rd party testing, and no doctors or biochemists on staff which means no research based claims.  On top of this many companies use toxic or inflammatory fillers.  But.... Not to worry!  We've been at this a long time at AAWC and have done the research so you don't have to.  We use companies who test every batch they make, many of whom have a 3rd party testing process, use no harmful fillers and often are based on extensive peer reviewed research.

Asheville Acupuncture Wellness Center carries physician grade supplements for heart health, cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation, joint & bone health, muscle & nerve health, brain health, weight loss, digestive support, mood stabilizing, immune system enhancement, thyroid support & general hormonal balance, and reproductive health.

AAWC has done extensive research to find the highest quality and highest rate of absorption in supplements.  Currently we use several companies because of their high standards of quality, lack of fillers, and accessibility to a knowledgable staff of scientists (click any of the links below to read more about them):