Asheville Alternative Wellness Center's Integrative Approach


Habit is reflected in physiology.

Changing our relationship with our world is complicated, and isn't simply a cognitive process.

It's a holistic journey that includes changing hormones and how our brain is wired.

Focusing on balancing adrenal, hippocampus, hypothalamus, pituitary, and other physiological systems,

as well as encouraging finding the balance of energy, lifestyle, diet and self nourishment

AAWC's approach to emotional health is truly integrative.

Emotional health is the foundation for accomplishment, contentment, motivation, success, flexibility, healthy relationships, self confidence, and the ability to grieve and have healthy anger and healthy boundaries.  Our emotional health has clear affect on physiological health and vice versa.  The myriad of factors that can adversely affect our mental health make being a functional adult, capable of being both architect and contractor of our own lives, a difficult endeavor at times.   Consider allowing AAWC to see all of you who your are, do a metabolic assessment to make sure there aren't clear reasons why your judgments of yourself are more about your chemistry than your disposition, and, give you real viable tools to create new self nourishing habits that encourage a life affirming existence.






















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